Welcome to Canon Professional Services for Students

Canon’s Student CPS program is designed to offer an unrivalled level of sales and service support for studying photographers, videographers and new media artists. By becoming a member of Student CPS, you will be eligible for a host of real-world benefits designed to assist post-secondary visual arts, fine arts and applied arts students in mastering their craft and achieving their career aspirations. A two-year Student CPS membership is $50.

Membership benefits include:

• Access to student-specific pricing discounts on a selection of professional products. View the list in Program Details.

• Membership-exclusive promotions, discounts and contests

• Subsidized incoming overnight shipping charges ($10) on eligible product. These charges will be added to the repair service charge. Return shipping is free for warranty repairs, and a flat $10 fee will be charged for return shipping of out-of-warranty service.

• Expedited service turnaround target of six days

• 20% discount for repair parts and labour for eligible products.