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Press Releases

Canon releases English versions of four free iOS applications that make shooting photos enjoyable and convenient

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. has announced the release of four free iOS applications*1 that make taking photos more enjoyable and convenient: BestShutter, Photo Log Map TakeMyPic, and Easy Photo Sorter.

Amid the proliferation of such photographic devices as digital cameras and smartphones, along with the popularity of social networking sites, it is easier than ever to capture and share images. In 2015, Canon Marketing Japan released PERSTEXT, a photo processing application that provided users with a new way of having fun with their photos by enabling the creation of images combined with text that convey messages with a touch of flare. To make photos even more enjoyable, the four free iOS applications being released can be used in a variety of situations such as capturing photos, processing, viewing, showing, and organizing. These applications will provide even more opportunities to enjoy photos with digital cameras and smartphones.

BestShutter makes it possible to photograph your children and pets during their cutest moments

BestShutter is an application for taking photos of children and pets who do not usually pay attention to the photographer. As children and pets are very sensitive to sounds that they like, by using fun sounds, and sounds that will make them look when taking photos, it will be possible to capture wonderful expressions. With the included sounds, or sounds you record, you can get great shots of your children during their cutest moments! Taking still images is a matter of course, but after taking movies you can also select the best scenes and clip as photos, so you won't miss any decisive moments. In addition, when working with a digital camera, it can also be used as tool to aid photo capture by attracting the attention of children or pets using the sound playback function.

Photo Log Map makes it possible to easily create record maps

Photo Log Map is an application that meets the needs of people who want to record location information together with photo capture records during various situations such as traveling or mountain climbing. Using data from photos taken and a smartphone’s GPS, it is possible to easily create photo capture record maps. Even with data from photos shot on digital cameras not equipped with GPS, you can create a record map linked to the smartphone’s GPS log. It is possible to also add text memos and sound memos that record the location's conditions. By writing the recorded log to a GPX file*2, it is also possible to use it in other applications.

TakeMyPic makes it possible to request having your photo taken with your desired composition

TakeMyPic is a useful application when you ask someone to take your photo according to your desired composition. By inserting the human shape in the position you want to be portrayed on the smartphone's screen, this makes it possible to communicate the composition you decided to the person taking your photo. By taking a photo that will be a sample beforehand, this makes it possible for the person taking your photo to superimpose it and you can avoid mistakes when taking important commemorative photos.

Easy photo Sorter makes it possible to easily organize the photo data on your smartphone

With smartphones it is now possible to photograph casually and have a large number of photos saved on the device. Easy Photo Sorter is an application for organizing large amounts of photos. By combining information such as date, time and day of the week, and setting your desired conditions to organize, you can create folders on your iPhone or iPad photo albums to automatically organize photos when the application launches.  For example, by filtering weekday daytime, weekday nighttime or weekend, this makes it possible to categorize photos for private and work.


Support for iPhone and iPad*3

All of these products ? BestShutter, Photo Log Map TakeMyPic, and Easy Photo Sorter ? are applications for the iPhone and iPad. They can be downloaded from the App Store.

*1 A function to remove ads can be purchased for ¥120.?USD 0.99 / CAD 1.39 ?

*2 Optional addition function (¥120/ USD 0.99 / CAD 1.39). GPX: a format for recording GPS positioning data.

*3 Confirm the supported devices and OS versions on Canon's website.

*    iPhone, iPad, and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


*    All other company names, etc. are the trademark or registered trademark of their respective owners.