Financial Services

Financial Services


Through a partnership with CBSC Capital Inc., a member of the Canon Group of Companies, the Business Solutions Division is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of leasing programs to make the acquisition of your Canon solution easy, flexible and cost-effective.

 The Benefits of a Leasing Solution through CBSC:


  • Benefit of partnering with Canon Canada Inc.’s Leasing Division, minimizing the requirements to deal with other 3rd party finance organizations.

  • Increase flexibility and negotiating power with the manufacturer’s leasing arm when upgrading to newer Canon technologies and solutions.

  • Easy upgrades to new technology tomorrow. Leasing is an extremely attractive option for all technology purchases because advancements in new technology make it attractive to upgrade. With a lease, you can build upgrades and add-ons into the lease in the future. Leasing with CBSC can also provide you with a payment stream that matches the useful life of the leased equipment.

  • Stretch your equipment dollars - low monthly payments lets you maximize the amount of equipment you can acquire.

  • Budget more effectively - leasing provides fixed monthly payments and a hedge against inflation. Your payments stay the same throughout the lease.

  • Pay as you go - monthly payments better match revenues and expenses while allowing you to take advantage of the utility value that leasing provides.

  • 100% financing - you can finance the full equipment acquisition cost in one-stop shopping through your Canon representative allowing you to re-invest your company’s working capital back into your business/organization.

  • Conserve capital - preserves your other lines of credit for operating needs.

  • Tax advantage cost savings - most customers are able to write off their lease payments as a fully deductible tax expense. Check with your accounting professional.

  • Flexibility - CBSC Capital Inc. can customize a lease structure to meet your specific needs and cash flows.


Flexible and innovative in their approach to leasing, the Business Solutions Division and CBSC Capital Inc. will work closely together to provide you with creative and customized leasing solutions.