During the discovery phase Canon’s experienced, dedicated MPS team uses a combination of software and tools to assess the current business process and technology. We use our expertise to document all devices and services and map it in a manner that is easy for the customer to understand. The assessment process in the discovery phase helps highlight all costs, including hidden costs, malfunctioning devices and any redundant technology and services.


The discovery assessment helps pinpoint the bottlenecks and areas of inefficiency within your office environment relating to hardware placement and document workflow. Upon understanding your document needs, Canon’s Business Process Analysts will work with you to design a hardware and software solution plan to achieve your workflow goals. This plan will take you from your current process to your future state—all within a timeline that makes sense for your business.

Implement and Transition

In terms of its importance to the overall success of your strategy, transitioning from your current document environment to your future state is often underestimated. During this phase, users will likely experience changes in their printing behaviour, and while they will be positive for your organization, users often resist change before they embrace it. Canon utilizes technologies and support solutions to ease this transition and get your team on track quickly. These tools help keep your transition plan on track and accessible to you and your staff.

Support and Manage

Efficiently managing the day-to-day needs of your printing assets is the basis of the Canon MPS program. Utilizing automated processes for proactive account management and providing advanced analytics to offer device usage metrics, Canon’s dedicated MPS team ensures your print fleet and related document workflows maintain optimum performance over the long term.


Managing your business documents is an ongoing process. As your business changes over time, your document needs will too. A core part of Canon Managed Print Services is the capture and reporting of service and performance information to deliver continual improvements, supporting your evolving organizational needs.